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Zibo Jonye Ceramic Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company introduced advanced nitrogen technology and equipment to produce high-quality hexagonal boron nitride powder and derivative products.

In 2015, the company moved to Qilu Chemical Industrial Park and processed hexagonal boron nitride products up to 200 tons per year. The hexagonal boron nitride produced by the use of international synchronization technology, the high temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius synthesis, product crystallinity, high purity, quality and stability. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, we put the technical content and product quality as the top of the company's operations, with the purpose of providing customers with high-quality products, and upgrading the technological content of products as the basis for the survival of the company.

Jonye Tech has many years of experience in the production, management, and research and development of the nitride industry. We are able to provide customers with the products and services that we need. At present, our products are hexagonal boron nitride powder, hexagonal boron nitride.