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jonyetech Ceramic

Zibo Jonye Ceramic Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2009 and engages in the production of high-quality hexagonal boron nitride powder and derivative products  by introducing cutting-edge nitridation technology and equipment of the world.


In the early stage since establishment, our company has an annual production capacity of hexagonal boron nitride powder of 150 tons. Our hexagonal boron nitride adopts cutting-edge technology of the world and is synthesized by temperature of 2000℃. So our products exhibit excellent degree of crystallinity, high purity and stable quality.


Since establishment, we have been taking technical content and product quality as the top priority of our business operation so as to provide our customers with superior products. We also regard raising our products’ technical content as the foundation of our survival.


After ten years of development ,We are one of the largest professional manufacturers of boron nitride in China now.



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