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Development trend of the application of PCBN

Since the success of the PCBN cutting tool in the cutting practice of several difficult-to-machine materials in the middle of the 1970s, the world’s advanced industrial countries have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out continuous experiments on them. At present, new fields opened up for the use of PCBN by various countries. Have:

1 for precision machining

At present, the specially-ground PCBN tool is used on an ultra-precision lathe, and the cutting surface roughness can reach Rmax=0.0254 μm under the conditions of a cutting depth of 15 to 20 μm and a feed rate of 0.608 μm/r. Cutting stainless steel on general precision CNC lathes can achieve surface roughness within Rmax = 0.2μm.

2High-speed milling for cast iron

In Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany, there are examples of application and have shown greater advantages, mainly: high cutting speeds,

The service life is long and stable. Compared with the ceramic tool, the service life is increased by 20 to 30 times, the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece is stable during cutting, the number of dimensional adjustments can be reduced, the surface finish is good, and the processing time of the next process such as honing can be shortened.

3 for rotary tools

PCBN rotary tools such as Sumitomo's Sumiboron reamer and end mills and boring tools for tool and tool finishing and finishing. Because PCBN is a polymer with a thickness of 1.6 mm, the carbide base must be soldered to the tool body when used. It can be used for PCBN drills and helical end mills.

4 Finishing hardened gears

It is quite difficult to remove the quench deformation of helical bevel gears. At present, a pair of gears are commonly used for grinding or grinding.

The manual correction by hand is not only time consuming, but also the pitch accuracy is not ideal. Hardened helical bevel gears with a module number of 7 using a PCBN tool can achieve pitch accuracy that cannot be obtained by grinding and manual grinding, and the combined transmission noise can be reduced by 2 to 8 decibels. Recently, the use of PCBN tools to process small gears with a module number of 4 has also achieved good results.

5 cutting ceramics

Ceramics is a new generation of mechanical engineering materials following metal materials, but the processing of ceramics has been plaguing the metal cutting industry. At present, the commonly used diamond grinding wheel grinding process has the disadvantages of low processing efficiency and high processing cost. Japanese researchers used PCBN cutting tools and plasma torches to heat cut ceramics. They achieved good results. The machining efficiency was improved by 3 to 10 times and the workpiece surface roughness was Ra0.6 to 0.15 μm. Easy to use good face pores how to do bb cream moisturizing mask which is a good day cream easy to use eye mask evaluation moisturizing what brand of thin good

The high wear resistance of PCBN tools makes them particularly suitable for automation and controlled production. These production methods are the development trend of the mechanical processing industry in the world. Therefore, the application of CBN tools is inevitable and has great potential for development.

(1) There is a great potential for market demand.

(2) The update of working conditions such as machine tools has promoted the growth of PCBN tool applications.

(3) The characteristics of PCBN tools promote the use of growth. With the development of cutting speeds toward high and ultra-high speeds and the maturity of high-speed cutting processes, the use of PCBN tools will increase.

(4) From the cost analysis. However, depending on the surface price, the PCBN tool seems to be more expensive than other tools, but the cost is reduced by a combination of reduced machine tool occupation, increased production efficiency, and the elimination of tempering and hard machining. And with further research and research, PCBN cutting tool manufacturing costs, performance updates, users will benefit even more.

China has become a world leader in the synthesis of superhard diamond and CBN, and it is exported in large quantities. CBN abrasive preparation, Henan has become the main base, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Fu Nike and Nanyang Zhongnan Optical Instrument Factory, both mass production and exports. However, domestic hard-to-machine materials mainly rely on cutters and abrasive tools imported from US GE, Sumitomo Japan, and Showa Denko. South Korea has a fast pace of research in this field. Henan Province has a leading position in CBN abrasive production and research. It is imperative to carry out CBN product research to solve its key technologies and industrialized production. Occupy the domestic market as soon as possible and form the main production base.

In short, the tool material has been constantly updated and developed, and there is no end to it. China also has many scientific research departments are stepping up the development of new PCBN composites and PCBN polymers, and the difference between the performance of foreign PCBN tools is also shrinking, I believe that in the near future will certainly bring about the development of China's PCBN tool applications.