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BN-C80 Boron nitride coating

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Applicable industry: Aluminum, special metal low pressure gravity casting


Mold release agent


The BN-C80 series is a mold release agent for insulating aluminum soup from the aluminum casting industry. During the metal melting and metal forming operations, boron nitride can be applied to the surface of the mold in contact with the molten metal to prevent corrosion, to avoid chemical attack, to make demolding easier, and to give the mold a longer life.


The BN-C80 series has good mold adhesion and provides a longer-lasting mold release interface. In addition to this C80 series is also a lubricant, used in the mold connection, can well protect the mold. Very fine grain size. The BN-C80 series is based on boron nitride. Its unique non-stick properties make the aluminum soup flow more smoothly. The molding angle of the aluminum casting workpiece is not distorted. The application of the foundry industry not only increases the fluidity of the aluminum liquid, but also makes it unique. It can be used for a longer period of time than ordinary mold release agents, and the number of mold release times is more, reducing the time required to re-apply the release agent and increasing the production capacity.

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