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BN-T40 Boron nitride coating

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Applicable industries: metal casting tools and equipment release protection
BN-T40 is a special anti sticky protective coating for metal casting equipment and tools. It has good adhesion to metal or ceramic materials, easy to use, and provides the most effective lubrication and non stick protection interface. Boron nitride high temperature coating agent BN-T40 is based on boron nitride. Its unique formula makes boron nitride coatings excellent in high temperature metal protection. After using the boron nitride coating, it can show outstanding non stick adhesion and lubrication effect in high temperature operation. It can not only avoid corrosion of molten metal in high temperature environment corrosion casting equipment and tools, but also can resist the adhesion ability of boron nitride super high temperature, prevent direct corrosion of molten metal, prolong equipment and various tools. Service life, reduce production costs and enhance company competitiveness.
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