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Boron nitride products



The hot-pressing HBN ceramics produced by our company adopt the internationally-advanced vacuum hot-pressed sintered technology. Supported by leading technology of the industry, our materials are ensured of excellent mechanical, chemical, electric and thermal properties and are applicable to a series of industrial applications requiring high performance.

Our company can, as per the need of the industry, provide high-purity boron nitride ceramics added with different binders and improve the solution plans, which cover a great many industrial applications and customized structural sections.

Our boron nitride ceramics have excellent mechanical property and can be processed into complex shapes of small tolerance. The following matters shall be noted during the processing of boron nitride ceramics:

1. Our boron nitride ceramics can be processed by standard high-speed steel cutting tools. It is recommended to use hard alloy cutter or diamond cutter for processing relatively hard PBN-E and complex material.

2. We can carry out abrasive machining as per needs and can process threads by means of standard screw tap and threading die.

3. The processing shall keep dry, and cutting oil and coolant shall not be used.

4. The cutting tools shall be sharp and clean. Cutting tools of negative incidence shall not be used.

5. When processing materials, be careful during locking and clamping. It is necessary to avoid excessive pressure and prevent broken edge and angle by using milling technology.

6. The boron nitride material shall be kept dry all the time and placed in sealed bag or drying oven to avoid damp.


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