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Boron nitride coating



Boron nitride possesses excellent property in lubrication, high temperature stability and electric insulation. Even at extremely high temperatures, boron nitride can still maintain its lubrication property and inertness. Boron nitride made through special formula can prevent the adhesion of mould parts, prolong the mould life, raise the products’ surface cleanness, and shorten the production duration. During metal melting and formation, boron nitride can be applied to the mould surface that contacts the hot or melting metal so as to avoid chemical erosion, facilitate demoulding and prolong the mould life. It can be applied to the gravity, low-pressure casting and forging of aluminum, copper, tin, zinc, powder metallurgy and other fields.

Boron nitride is capable of high temperature lubricating and is a type of ideal material during glass processing. It will help minimize the defects of the glass surface, make it easier to demould, prolong the service life of mould / pressing mould and reduce the time for clearing moulds. Most glass will not adhere with boron nitride. Boron nitride can be applied to both the hot surface and cold surface. After the coating has dried, the surface can be treated, straightened and polished by dry, soft cotton cloth. Additionally, the boron nitride coating can be applied to the following purposes. In the sphere of plastic and rubber processing, it can improve the demoulding effect and speed up production. When applied in welding and furnace brazing, it can protect the surface of workpieces, avoid splashing welding slags and provide desirable welding protection.